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Dunes Workshop

Taking full advantage of the natural monument Dunas de Artola, 5 minutes from our campsite, we will study the formation and erosion of these dunes and the conservation methods of the fauna and flora.

River Workshop

In this evocative name hides the study of the Guadalquivir River ecosystem through a fieldwork in which children will take samples of different macroinvertebrate species. This scientific work will bring up different conclusions about the quality of the river because of the presence or absence of these "bugs".

Birds Workshop

Our unique location allows us to have our first contact with birdwatching. There will be a theoretical phase where we will learn a few basic keys about birding, management of binoculars, field guides, etc.., A practical observation phase to the surroundings and an initiation to the study of pellets, remains of bones, feathers and hairs that birds have not digested and expelled through the mouth, elements of great interest for the kids.

Essence Workshop

Obtaining perfume of aromatic plants has been a tradition in several villages. We will make up the entire process, from harvesting of the plants in the area, to obtain an essential oil that will be given to participants. This process is used to explain how to use a still and the chemical process of distillation.

Renewable Energy Workshop

The need to make people aware of the rational use of energy and the promotion of renewable energy manages us to lead this workshop. Kids would simply and collectively make with various materials, most of them recycled, a didactic model of wind power generator or a small solar photovoltaic mobile that they will keep at the end of the activity.

Recycling workshops

The so necessary ideas in our society of recycling, reducing energy consumption in three different workshops.

Paper Recycling

You will learn step by step the process of making paper from waste paper. There is a historical introduction about the origin of the paper and an approach about the supposed environmental benefits of recycling in general and the particular role of the paper. And of course, each participant will make and keep a sheet made of recycled paper for him.

Creative recycling

The possibilities of recycling are many . We will experience making small file folders using materials difficult to recoverable such as tetra brik. We will convert them into into charming folders, decorated with oil paintings.

Soap Workshop

The oils that we use in our kitchens -fat substitutes of yesteryear- are transformed by lye composed by soda and water that reacting with the oil becomes soap of excellent quality.


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