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The game of tracking is a dynamic game which allows us:

1. To develop your spirit of teamwork and the ability to coexist.

2. To be able to be guided by symbols and clues in a certain environment.

3. To be able to recognize particular species of trees and bushes.

4. To know the development of the land where our facilities are located.
All teams will have at a time the first written track and ....... let’s start! After the first group leaves, the second will do the same 2 min after and then the third group so that they will not meet each other. From then on, each group will have to follow the instructions found on the path (arrows, symbols ....). Along the route you will have to find several messages or questions (referring to the origin, name, type of fruit ...... of various trees and bushes) that you will have to answer (with the help of the dossier) and note down in your control sheet. Other task will be writing a song, running.... Then you will have to present your answers in group. In the final test, groups will go to the meeting point and there present their evidences and experiences.


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