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Paintball is a sport in which participants use paintball markers (we usually avoid the word "gun") with compressed air, CO2 or other gases, to shoot small paint balls with to other players. This activity is performed at the top of the campsite. It is essentially a complex strategy game in which players hit by paintballs during the game are dismissed sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently depending on the game mode. Contrary to general wisdom, it is one of the safest outdoor sports and the material prevents contamination of the environment.

Normally in a paintball game two teams are facing in order to eliminate all players of the opposing team or complete an objective (such as catching a flag or eliminating a specific player).

Normalmente en una partida de paintball se enfrentan dos equipos con el fin de eliminar a todos los jugadores del equipo contrario o completar un objetivo (como capturar una bandera o eliminar a un jugador concreto.


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