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Climbing Wall


El Chorro

This activity will take place on a climbing wall about 8 metres high equipped with two routes. With a background view of the alternative route when climbing, the wall provides a challenging opportunity and alternative for athletes from all over Europe to enjoy their sport at a time of year when such activities can be seriously restricted by adverse weather conditions.

Harnesses, specialized carabiners, allied to Grigris, climbing ropes are the equipment necessary for this activity.


The participants will use the strength of their legs and arms and their skills to climb a 4 meter high wall with support and security from the instructor, and then abseil down. While half the group will practise this activity, the rest will be immersed in an archery, air rifles and air guns competition. Then the groups will take in turns.

Harnesses, carabiners, helmets, ropes and specialized Grigris are the equipment necessary for this activity.


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