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ActivAndalucía offers special programs targeted to singles groups.

Active tourism programs including contact with nature, activities and social relationships to guarantee an unforgettable stay.

Our facilities offer great diversity of contents and environments, so check them out!

The Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas

El Humilladero, the heart of Andalusia

The enclave of the climbers, El Chorro, in Alora

The lovely beaches of Marbella

>To go on a trip on your own could be frightening at the beginning but we offer therefore a forum where you could meet each other before and share experiences afterwards.

The opinions of other singles can also help you to choose among programs and locations.

Do not forget the advantages of a single trip:

  • The choice of your stay is only up to you
  • You will meet new people, hoping to live a fun experience
  • Being yourself
  • Going out with a group, as during activities as in leisure time, you will always have the opportunity to be surrounded by people
  • Independence, any plans you feel like will be at your fingertips! Without having to consult or persuade other companions

We offer 2 ways to plan your incentive trip:


Camping Cabopino Albergue Camping El Chorro Camping La Sierrecilla
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